Our Giving

For many years the DTN family has made significant donations and contributions to the people of the greater Lansing area. Whether it’s a monetary donation or a resident food drive, DTN has contributed to groups such as Boys and Girls Club, Greater Lansing Food Bank, American Cancer Society and many more local charities.

Fueled by the generous hearts of DTN's owners, giving and helping people is deeply embedded within the DTN culture, keeping the needs of our surrounding community top of mind. Every year around the holidays, a food drive is initiated across all of our 106 properties, giving more than 6,000 residents the opportunity to donate nonperishable items that are later donated to the Greater Lansing Food Bank.

In 2016, DTN donated $20 of applications fees to 5 charity efforts: MSU's Relay for Life, Greater Lansing Food Bank, East Lansing's Haven House, The American Red Cross and The Capital Area United Way. A total of $17,207 was donated.

Between 2015 and 2013, DTN donated more than $61,000 to charity efforts when marketing combined leasing and philanthropic efforts.