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Move out information

Move out information

A few move out reminders to help improve your experience:


It is important to remove all your belongings and any trash/items to be discarded. All personal belongings must be removed from the apartment, bike racks, storage units and/or garage by the lease end date.  Any items remaining after keys are turned in or the lease expires will be considered abandoned. DTN will not store items left behind. Anything left behind will be disposed of and fees will be incurred for removal.

Have Stellar equipment? Don't leave behind, return to Stellar and avoid being billed for replacement. 

CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT ONE LAST TIME (last utilities/amount due)
Don't forget to log in to your resident account at least one more time after move out day to assure that all charges have been paid including any utilities, if applicable.
If you have utilities set up with local providers such as Consumers Energy or BWL, please contact them to remove your name from the account.


 Forwarding Address: Provide your forwarding address to the leasing office. Don't forget to also update the USPS of your change of address.
 Keys are due: Turn in your keys by noon on move out day (and prevent per-day costs including a $150 per-day fine + adjusted rent for an additional stay)