If you've already set up your account, you can log in to get started. Below is information on the most common questions that come up with online payments.

If you are having issues logging in or need to register, please see our troubleshooting tips. If you are a student in need of assistance from our international ambassador, email [email protected] or contact via WeChat


The first step to making online payments is setting up a payment account. You have a few options!
  • Bank Account ($1 fee per transaction)
  • Debit Card ($2.95 fee per transaction)
  • Credit Card (% of payment fee per transaction. Amex: 3.00%, Visa: 2.20%, MasterCard: 2.20%, Diners: 2.20%, Discover: 2.20%)
ABOUT SERVICE FEES: Fee does not go to the property management company. The service fee will not display on your ledger. Service fee is non-refundable.


As a payment from a bank account is an affordable option, many choose this as their form of payment. Below are some details that are helpful to avoid penalties, fees or errors in payment.
  • SAVINGS ACCOUNTS:  Federal law (Regulation D) limits you to 6 monthly savings transfers or withdrawals. For this reason, you may want to choose checking instead. 
  • COMPLETE ACCOUNT NUMBER NEEDED: Your FULL account number is not the same for savings and checking, even though they may share the same base account number. 
    • Your financial institution may include additional digits (sometimes referred as the ‘Share ID’ or ‘Suffix’) as part of the checking or savings account number. 
    • Do not rely on numbers printed on your bank statement which may only show your base account number and not your actual checking or savings account number. 
    • If you are unsure about this information, please contact your banking institution to confirm your FULL account number for your savings or checking account, whichever you would like to make a payment with. If you do not include your FULL account number, your payment may not process correctly and you will be subject to fees.
  • NAME ON ACCOUNT: When opting to pay by checking account, it's important to put the bank account holder's name, not a nickname. 


You can make a one-time payment easily with your resident portal.  
  • SET UP:  Set up a payment account. 
  • SELECTION OPTION:  Select the option to make a one-time payment



If you are sharing lease costs, you can modify the amount paid toward line items to make a payment in the desired amount. 
  • Arrow below shows where to click to modify the amount to be paid toward charges.
  • Box highlights the total payment amount.



You can make an extra payment if your account balance is $0. This will appear as an "unapplied credit" under the payments menu.


Auto payment is only available for residents who have moved in, not future residents. We encourage our residents to use Auto Pay to set up recurring payments and avoid late fees. When you set up auto pay, you will see up to 2 options. 

  • Option 1 allows you to set a max payment amount. We recommend setting your max pay amount a little bit higher than expected charges. The system will only pay what is owed - up to that amount.
  • Option 1 is NOT for roommates sharing lease costs. If anyone in the apartment uses Option 1, no other roommates will be able to set up auto pay. 

  • Option 2 allow you to set a firm payment amount. This will be the amount pulled each month for your payment. 
  • Option 2 is for sharing lease costs among roommates. If your costs vary each month, you may end up with a balance or credit. We recommend logging in regularly to assure your account does not become past due.



Details about auto pay dates

The dates you set up for your auto pay are very important. Some key details:
  • WHEN YOU SET UP: If you set up on the 1st of the month to pull on the 1st of the month, you will need to make a 1-time payment. In other words, if you set up auto pay on the day of the month you want it pulled each month, it will not pull that day. 
  • END DATE: Be mindful of the date you set for your auto pay to end to make sure payments stop when you intend them to stop. We recommend looking at when your last payment is due.

Deleting or modifying auto pay/payment accounts

You are welcome to delete or modify your auto pay/payment accounts. Some key details:
  • UPDATING AUTO PAY: If a payment is in progress, the system will require you to wait to delete/modify. 
  • UPDATING PAYMENT ACCOUNT: If you have a current auto pay set up, you will need to delete that auto pay in order to modify your payment account, then set your auto pay back up after payment account is updated. 

Issues adding a card

If you encounter issues adding a card, we have a few troubleshooting tips:
  • CARD ALREADY ON ACCOUNT: If you go to add a card and the system indicates the card is already on the account, it's possible the card was previously added to a roommate's account. HOW TO FIX: Have your roommate/s log in to their accounts to locate your card by the last 4 digits. Once your roommate deletes the card from their portal, you will be able to add to yours.
  • CARD NOT SHOWING UP: If you have just added a card, but it is not showing up on your account (and you didn't receive the message above about a card already being on your account.) HOW TO FIX: There are a few steps to try. Clear your browser history in your device. Log out and back in. Also, check your email to see if you received a card added confirmation email.
If you continue to have issues adding a card, you may need to take steps to enable TLS. For details on how to do this, seeing your payments account tab and look for the following icon.