Most communities are easily found by searching the name of the community in select your apartment community search bar on the main DTN registration page.

For the following communities, please click on the community name to go directly to the registration page for your community.  


  • First name, last name and email must match the information provided to your leasing office. 
  • Your registration code is specific to you and your apartment. It will begin with a T or an R. 
  • If you need any of the information above, please contact your leasing office. 



It says I already have an existing account

No problem!  If you get the message regarding already having an existing account tied to your email address - you can still use your email for your account. The system will tell you where you previously had a RentCafe Account, which may have been an application or resident account. There are a few options:
  • USE MY EXISTING ACCOUNT: This option will allow you to enter your password (if you remember it) for your previous account to sync up and use for your new apartment. 
  • CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT WITH A DIFFERENT EMAIL ADDRESS: This option allows you to use a different email address, which will be synced back into our system. 

Message to leasing office:

If neither of these options works for you, please contact your leasing office and provide the following information. This will help our teams to resolve your account issue. 

Hello, I'm trying to register for RentCafe and have received a message saying I already have an account associated with my email. I do not remember my old password and need assistance. Below is the information to help troubleshoot my account.
  • Where it says I already have an existing account: 
  • Email address:
  • My DTN Community: 

It says invalid email or invalid account

We're happy to help. There are a few reasons why you may be getting this message.
  • URL: Please use
  • EMAIL ADDRESS: You may be attempting to log in with the incorrect email address.
  • TRANSFERS:  If you have moved to a new apartment or DTN Community, you will need to re-register with your new T or R code.
  • ACCIDENTAL SPACE:  It is possible you may have added a space to the end of your email. RentCafe reads a space as a character and can create an invalid error. 
  • IF YOU HAVE NOT CONFIRMED YOUR EMAIL: Once you've registered, RentCafe sends you an email with a link to confirm your email address is active. If you did not complete this step, the system will not allow you into your account. 

Message to leasing office:

Please contact your leasing office and provide the following information. This will help our teams to resolve your account issue. 

Hello, I've registered for RentCafe and have received a message saying my account or email is invalid. I need a manager to look into my account. It is possible that I may not have verified my email address and would like the office to do so I can get into my account. Please reset my password and provide my new credentials so I may log in.
  • My DTN Community: 
  • Email address: 

International student resources

If you need assistance from our international ambassador, email [email protected] or contact via WeChat